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ICC Groups

ICC's group system is designed to foster communities within ICC. Most groups have a chat channel, a best list, and an operator with the power to invite players into the group. Some groups also hold tournaments and other events that are restricted to members of their group, and use web pages to communicate with their members.

Below is the current list of ICC groups. For more information about groups, see the help files groups and group-commands.

Administrators CofC HelpVendors Operators Team4545League
ajedrez21 Colorado IBCO operatorsfun4kids Tennessee
Andalucian Complain ICCGurus OperatorsofAjedrez21 Texas
Argentina computer ICCwebcast operatorsofchess21 ThreeChecks
Arizona Correspondence Iceland OperatorsofCorus Tomato
Armenia Corus IMs OperatorsofSTTourney TournamentRobots
AtheistAgnostic Cuba India OperatorsRainbow TriviaBot
Atomic CzechRepublic Indiana OpsDailyEvents Trophy
Ausnetchess dailyevents Ireland PaidEntry Turkey
Australia Denmark Islamic Paraguay UK
Austria DHspecial Italy Peru Ukraine
Azerbaijan DIXE jm Philippines UniversityTeams
Azerbajian dm LeChessClub PlatinumMedal UnusualOpenings
Belgium DosHermanas Liaison Poker Uruguay
BlitzChamps ECF Losers PokerOps USA
BlitzChamps2 ECFadmins Lounge Portugal USABraziltourn
Brasil ECFcoaches malfy PotentialOps USAT
Brazil Egypt Maryland Rainbow UTDUB
Broadcast Estonia MasterChallenge Relay UTDUBG
BronzeMedal Events Mexico RelayLib Vendors
Bughouse FedAndaluza Michigan Russia Washington
Bulgaria Finland Minnesota SanAntonioAcademy WCMs
Canada Fitness NCCL Scholastic WFMs
Carolinas FMs Netherlands SH WGMs
CCL France NewEngland ShliahtichFund WildChamp10
CCLplayers fun4kids NewJersey SilverMedal WildChamp31
CCT Germany NewYork SimulBot WildChamp42
ChampsCandidates GISCT NIS Slovakia WildChampBlitz
ChampsFinalists GISCTopen NMs SouthAfrica WildChampBullet
ChampsU1600 GISCToperators NorthCA SouthCA WildExperts
ChampsU2000 GISCTu1600 Norway Spain WIMs
chess21 GISCTu2000 NTC15 Speakers WJL
ChessAcademy GISCTu2200 NYCclub sshout WNMs
ChessFM GMs NYCcoach STC WolfYale
Chile GoldMedal NYCmanager STCEvents WorldEvents
China HelperAwards OfficersOfCCL STCOps Yugoslavia
Christian HelperNews OfficersOfLeChessClub STTourney Zdministrators
CMs Helpers OfficersOfTeam4545 Sweden
Coastside HelperTrainers Oklahoma TCSIndia

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