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Chessclub.com 5 0 Championship starts June 4!

The Chessclub.com 5 0 Championship starts June 4.  Like other blitz
Championships, there will be three stages of the championship.  The
first stage consists of 12 Qualifiers (10 round 5 0 swisses) during
the week of June 4-10.

The second stage will take place the weekend of June 17-18 and will
consist of 2 closed Candidates events and two Class Finals (Under
1800 and Under 1400).

The last stage consists of the Chessclub.com 5 0 Finals, open to the 
top finishers in the Candidates.  Twelve players will duke it out in
a round robin event for the title of Chessclub.com 5 0 Champion.
Defending champion GM Crest and runnerup bazar-wokzal are seeded into
the 5 0 Finals.

The Qualifier stage is open to all, but qualification is needed to
advance to later stages.  Free trial members are invited to play in the
first stage, but they cannot advance to later stages without
registering for a paid membership by midnight on Saturday, June 10.
The top 3 finishers in EACH individual Qualifier and top 6 in overall 
Qualifier "series" (cumulative score from all qualifiers combined) 
earn invitations to the Candidates Stage.  Alternate spots will be 
given to those who just miss out on qualifying.  

The 5 0 Champs will have two class champions, a recent innovation in
the Championships.  The top four finishers rated under 1800 and under
1400 in each Qualifier will be invited to the respective Class Finals.
Please see the web site listed below for eligibility requirements and
other details about the Class Finals.

The schedule of Qualifiers is as follows (all times are server time
or EDT.  To see server time while at Chessclub.com, type "date") 

Week of June 4-10 
SUN (June 4):      6am  Noon    6pm
MON (June 5):                   6pm
TUE (June 6):            3pm
WED (June 7):            3pm    9pm
THU (June 8):                   7pm
FRI (June 9):            3pm    8pm
SAT (June 10):    1am    2pm

All Qualifiers will be held on LittlePer in channel 225.  There are no
limits to the number of Qualifiers you can participate in.  Play in as
many Qualifiers as you can!!

The 8pm Qualifier on Friday will replace the normally scheduled Blitz event
at the same time.  The Saturday 1am Qualifier will take the place of the
Sleepless series and will count both towards the Sleepless series and
Championship standings.

No pre-registration is required for the Qualifiers.  There is no limit 
to the number of Qualifiers you can play in.  To play in a Qualifier 
tourney, just show up and type "tell LittlePer join !" when the 
Qualifier is open.  For general info about tournaments, see "help 

For complete rules of the Chessclub.com Blitz with Inc! Championship,
please visit http://www.innova.net/~diggold/champs/start.html (the new
web site for the Championships) or see finger Championship.  For the
convenience of Chessclub.com members, the general rules of the Champs
has been translated into German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

We hope to see you in the Championship!
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