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ICC News Item #196

NEWS 196 (23-Aug-95)Next Previous
Timestamp is now available for all slip/ppp users on windows!

An ICC contract programmer has ported timestamp to run in windows 3.1
and windows 95.  This version of timestamp runs right on your own PC
-- there is no need for access to a unix shell.  It should work for
all current and future windows interfaces that run under a slip or ppp
account (slics, raja, bloodrake, etc).

It's bundled with a new version of slics on our ftp site.  It's in file
/pub/icc/interface/WIN3/slics21b.exe.  The file "readme2" inside this
archive explains how to set up the software.  This version of slics can
be configured to start timestamp automatically.

This is only an experimental version.  It will stop working on Sept
30.  A new version should be available before then.  Unfortunately the
current version does not work in conjunction with netcruiser.  We hope
to correct this problem shortly.

See also: timestamp, ftp-hints
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