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ICC News Item #422

NEWS 422 (7-May-96)Next Previous
Wild 15: Practice mating with a bishop and knight!


A new wild version has been added.  Mate with a bishop and knight.
With best defense, the initial position of wild 15 is a mate in 33
moves.  If you don't do it in 50 moves, your opponent can get a draw by
typing "draw".

Use "w15" in the match command or the seek command.  For example:

    match Fred w15 white

would challenge Fred to a game where you have the white pieces (the
bishop and knight).  If you are good, try to do it in 5 minutes:

   seek 5 0 w15 white

issues a "seeking" request for 5-minute blitz game.

As in other "odds" games on ICC (wild 10 through 14) the weaker side gets
a "bonus" added to his opponent's rating for rating calculation purposes.
For wild 15, it is 500 points.  As black, you can't win, but you can gain
points by drawing.  You can play unrated by adding a "u" to the end of
the commands above.
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