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ICC News Item #426

NEWS 426 (21-May-96)Next Previous
Winners of Tomato Blitz Tourneys May 17-19.


Jonus won the Friday 5 0 rated 8pm Tomato blitz tournament!
Directed by Junk.  #661

Pencil won the Saturday 2 6 rated 7pm Tomato blitz tournament!
Directed by JHazard.  #666

niterider won the Sunday 2 5 rated 3pm Tomato blitz tournament!
Directed by Epor.  #669

(Numbers are the Tomato grid #.  "tell Tomato grid #")

Blitz tournaments are held EVERY Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by the
Tomato managers in channel 46!  Do help tournaments and help Tomato
for more information.  Winners get their names in a news item such as this!
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