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ICC News Item #615

NEWS 615 (10-Mar-97)Next Previous
GeneralAnthony wins March 08 ICC/WBCA event!

Amid remarkable competition, GeneralAnthony, a Greek resident in England,
won the March 08 WBCA Swiss, scoring 6-0! oldcoach came second with 5-1.
GeneralAnthony won a 0.5 month extension to his ICC account, as did
Raindancer in the U1800 category. Members also played this event from
Canada, Croatia, Israel, Switzerland, and the USA. PLEASE NOTE: "help
WBCA", help tomato, help timestamp, and help chekels files. Play
WBCA at the 1997 National Open in Las Vegas NV, April 10! GM Browne
returns March 22!--carpathian
    Name             R1   R2   R3   R4   R5   R6   Score  [NEW]
 1 GeneralAnthony   bye  +w6  +b5  +w2  +b3  +w4    6.0   2214
 2 oldcoach         +w4  +b3  +w9  -b1  +w8  +b5    5.0   2098
 3 ADOLF(IM)        +b11 -w2  +b7  +w6  -w1  +b9    4.0   2397
 4 Raindancer       -b2  +w10 +b11 +w5  +b6  -b1    4.0   1831
 5 silvanus         +w7  +b9  -w1  -b4  +w10 -w2    3.0   2397
 6 diko             +w10 -b1  +w12 -b3  -w4  +w7    3.0   1914
 7 smoothg          -b5  +w8  -w3  +b9  +w11 -b6    3.0   1883
 8 ComplexChaos     -w9  -b7  +b10 +w11 -b2  +w12   3.0   1805
 9 Borg             +b8  -w5  -b2  -w7  +b12 -w3    2.0   2022
10 ArteryKing       -b6  -b4  -w8  +w12 -b5  +b11   2.0   1576
11 rchess           -w3  +b12 -w4  -b8  -b7  -w10   1.0   1700
12 Tyree            bye  -w11 -b6  -b10 -w9  -b8    1.0   1428
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