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Information about EastBay06 (Last disconnected Sun Dec 24 2006 02:53):

 1: FIDE Swiss at the East Bay Chess Club in Oakland, CA.
 2: 10 round swiss, BAP scoring, norms possible.  Time control 40/2 sd/1.
 3: More info at and "liblist EastBay06" for the games.
 5: Final Standings: 16 Kraai; 15 Milman; 14 Friedel; 12 Panchanathan; 11
  Sharvadorj, Mezentsev, Rensch; 10 Fedorowicz, Pruess, Sarkar; 9 Tuvshingtugs,
  Gutman; 8 Roussel-Roozman, Lee; 6 Shankland; 3 Ballard
 6: Final Swiss Standings: 7.5 Kraai, Milman; 7 Friedel; 6 Panchanathan,
  Fedorowicz, Sharavdorj; 5.5 Mezentsev, Rensch; 5 Sarkar; 4.5 Pruess; 3.5
  Roussel-Roozman, Tuvshingtugs, Gutman; 3 Shankland, Lee; 1 Ballard
 7: :
 8: Lev Milman earns a 10 round GM Norm!!!
 9: :
10: Jesse Kraai earns a 10 round GM Norm!!!

 Groups : NorthCA

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