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ICC News Item #1502

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Announcing a new ICC-FIDE partnership

We are very excited to announce that Chessclub.com and FIDE have
forged a new alliance.  FIDE has been exploring ways to defray
the growing travel costs incurred by its members.  An obvious
solution is to hold tournaments over the internet.  Because of
Chessclub.com's superb anti-cheating features, FIDE was very
eager to use our server as the forum for their tournaments.

Gone are the days of having to wake up early, shower, shave, put
on your nicest suit, and present the GQ fashion model appearance
required of tournament chess players.  Now you can sit at home in
your underwear and play FIDE-rated events on-line!  You can even
eat pizza and watch TV during those long boring waits for your
opponent to move.

From now on, all games played on the Chessclub.com server will be
FIDE rated.  FIDE has established new ratings categories for
Loser's, Bughouse, Crazyhouse, and Atomic.  New titles have been
established for achieving mastership in these categories: BL (Big
Loser), BM (Bug Master), CM (Crazy Master), and BDM (Bomb Drop
Master).  Norms for these titles are obtained by playing in
tournaments run by WildOne and sometimes Cooly or LittlePer.

One minor drawback of this alliance is that FIDE insisted that
all games played on ICC must now use FIDE's prescribed time
control.  Thus, all games played on Chessclub.com will now use 40
moves in 75 minutes and the rest in 15 minutes with increment of
30 seconds.  (See http://www.chesscenter.com/twic/timerate.html
for more details.)  Bullet and Blitz ratings have therefore been
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