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"Although dozens and dozens of chess sites have sprung up in recent years... what the ICC has to offer is remarkable!"
— Atlantic Monthly magazine

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Unlimited rated and unrated play with opponents of all levels in the world's largest premium chess community.


Measure your improvement. Earn multiple chess ratings, including Standard, Blitz, Bullet and more.

Watch and learn from over 1,200 Grandmasters and International Masters competing on ICC.


Chat with your opponent and kibitz and discuss game strategy with observers of games you are watching.


Find people you know, leave messages for friends, and explore hundreds of specialized chat channels.


Join tournaments, master chess lectures, team games, and many other events.

Challenge Grandmasters in simultaneous exhibitions and other special events held on ICC.

Tune in to elite world chess events like Corus, Linares, MTel Masters & world championship matches relayed live with top Grandmaster commentary on Chess.FM. Also view Macauley Peterson's videos, shot directly each day from these elite events.  
Listen & view all the regular weekday shows broadcast on Chess.FM - Mon., New Ideas in the Openings with GM Ronen Har-Zvi; Tue., Chess Talk with IM John Watson; Wed., Attack with GM Larry Christiansen!; Thur., Gambit Guide with GM Boris Alterman & Ask The Renaissance Man with NM Dan Heisman; Fri., Game of the Week with GM Joel Benjamin. All shows run for 7-days on demand for members.

Take private lessons from world-class players, selected by ICC for quality of instruction and service.


Browse ICC's database of 5 million master games. Build your personal library and include your own games.


Get your questions answered by ICC's live online help.


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